Composite Stem Cell Factor Fluid

Manual of composite stem cell factor l

Product Name: composite stem cell factor fluid

Product ingredients: injection water, white blood cell extract

Product specifications:

2mL/Vial,  10 Vials / box

Product function:

The products are rich in many kinds of natural bioactive ingredients, such as EGF, epidermal growth factor, FGF (fibroblast growth factor), VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor), IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) and TGF- beta (transforming growth factor beta).

1. Change skin color: effectively replenish nutrients to skin, improve skin quality comprehensively, make the original dim skin more tender, delicate and glossy;

2. Optimize skin quality.: effectively repair damaged cells, help skin proliferate a large amount of collagen and elastic fiber, strengthen the structure of the internal support of the skin,

Accurate activation of basal stem cells, deep start cell self regeneration, completely change the skin quality;

3. Deep anti aging: accelerate and promote the establishment of skin microcirculation, accelerate metabolism, and stimulate the skin to discharge large quantities of toxin itself, so as to achieve a comprehensive improvement of skin condition and continuous delaying aging.

Usage method:

Skin care: after thoroughly cleaning the skin and gently hot compress, the skin surface is applied locally.

Cosmetic repair: eye, chest, nose and other plastic or micro plastic surgery, individually smeared on the need to repair the parts, speed up wound healing, and desalination of wound scars;

Special care products: use water injection needle, the product to the nursing of skin and soft tissue, achieve the skin effect, non-invasive and painless.

The best dosage: the facial use is about 1mL once, each time in the morning and evening, 10 days for a continuous nursing process.

Expected use:

1. Acne;

2. Mild skin injury;

3. The skin is relaxed, rough and dim.

4. To improve the pigmentation, facial stains and chloasma after inflammation;

5. Large pores and dilatation of capillaries.


1. This product is a bioactive ingredient, which affects the effect of the product with high or low temperature.

2. This product must be stored at low temperature. When a long time is stored at room temperature or high temperature, the cytokine will degrade slowly and can not perform the maximum effect.

Preservation conditions: preservation at 2-8 C (refrigerated refrigerator);

Shelf life: 6 months; use within one week after opening the cap.