Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Zhaoqi Wang Academician of Jing-Meng Stem Cell Academician & Expert Workstation, Micro Regulation of Stem Cell & Medical Development Project

Academician, The Academia Europaea

Research Fellow, Research Institute of Molecular Pathology

Full Professor, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena

Senior Research Fellow, Leibniz Institute for Age Research- Fritz Lipmann Institute

Visiting Professor, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Peking Union Medical College

Distinguished Professor, Capital Normal University

Assessment Expert, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Expert Advisor, China International Technology Transfer Center

He is invited to be the judge of plenty of Research Foundations home and abroad respectively as ERC, Human Frontier, CRUK, MRC, AICR, NIH, ANR, DFG, NSF, NWO, NSFC, etc.

Research fields include DNA damage response, Neurogenesis, and degeneration, poly (ADP-ribosyl) action, etc.

Around 170 academic papers have been published up to 2017, IF 64, times cited more than 18500.

Dr. Zhongcun Chen Technologist/ PI, Anti-aging& Plastic Surgery Project

Chief/Postgraduate Director of Plastic Surgery, Fuxing Hospital Capital Medical University

Senior Visiting Scholar at Yale University

Extraordinary Ability Medical Specialist, USA

The Inventor of FD-rejuvenation Technique

His research interests are focused on special design and surgical operation of high-level plastic, FD-rejuvenation Technique, the plastic and cosmetic operation for eyes, nose, mouth, ear, eyebrow etc., organ regeneration and minimally invasive plastic surgery.

Prof. Yan Wei Specially-invited Expert of Jing-Meng Stem Cell Academician & Expert Workstation

National “Thousand People Plan" Specially-invited Expert, Chair Professor

Dean of Frontier Polymer Research Center, Tsinghua University

Professor of Polymer and Materials Chemistry, Herman B. Wagner

Dean of Advanced Polymer and Material Chemistry Research Center, Drexel University

President of Philadelphia Material Chemistry Forum, ACS

His research interest is focused on the application of biomacromolecule material in bioscience and biomedical technology.

Prof. Qinwei Yin Specially-invited Expert, PI of Autologous Undifferentiated Fat Stem Cells Project Group

molecular cell biologist

Bayi Professor of translational medicine, assistant director of the Neurosurgical Institute of Bayi Brain Hospital

Full professor in Institute of Biophysics, CAS

A faculty member at Harvard Medical School

postdoctoral fellow, Bowman Gray Sch. of Med.

His research interests are focused on RNAi technology and stem cell biology as well as their application for clinical therapy. He has successfully developed the first world’s commercialized product based on RNAi technology. This product has been used to reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin such as freckles, melasma, sunspots, etc.

Cunyu Wang, Chief Academician of Jing-Meng Stem Cell Academician & Expert Workstation/ Foreign Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering/ Academician of National Academy of Medical Sciences of the United States/ Director and Chair Professor of Oral Biology & Medicine Department, UCLA. He worked in Beijing Stomatological Hospital since 1989 after being endowed MD in Beijing Medical University. Then he started his postdoctoral research at Forsyth Institute from 1990 to 1995. Later on, he continued his MD study in UNC majoring in molecular biology and genetics until 1998. After that, he taught at the University of Michigan for 8 years. His research interests focus on regulation and metastasis of tumor cell death, the pathogenesis of oral inflammation, oral inflammation and metabolic lone loss, as well as molecular regulation of oral stem cell differentiation. Plenty of his impactful research papers have been published in world-class academic journals like Science, Nature Medicine, Nature Cell Biology, Nature Biotechnology, Cancer Cell, etc. He is one of the less world-leading scholars excellent in both stomatology and basic medicine.

Jianmin Meng, Academician of Jing-Meng Stem Cell Academician & Expert Workstation/ Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering/ Chief Architect of Shenzhen Architectural Design and Research Institute. Concurrently Examiner of National Registering Architect Exam Board, Member of Academic Board of Subtropical Architecture Science State Key Laboratory, Doctoral Advisor in School of Architecture, Southeast University, Postgraduate Supervisor in School of Architecture, South China University of Technology and Fuzhou University, Peng Cheng Scholar in Shenzhen University, etc. He works on research of architectural design theory and published nearly 60 papers on nationwide journals. He is the author of multiple academic writings as <Original Design>, <Creation and Practice of New Medical Architectures> etc. and the chief editor of plenty of technological books as <Zero Gravity> and <Technical Rules and Measures of Architecture Design> etc. He personally directs more than 200 designs of different kinds of engineering projects as the Yangtze crossing Campaign Memorial, the Yushu Earthquake Ruins Memorial, and the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital etc. and wins 80 over awards in different categories of architecture field. He has been successively endowed with the title of National Engineering Survey and Design Master, Liang Sicheng Architecture Award, Nanyue 100 Talents Award and so on.

Yiping Yang,Director of Stem Cell Transformation Medical Research base, Beijing Institutes of Life Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences/ Director of Hematological Center of Medical School, Duke University/ Associate editor of JCI. He focuses on research of tumor immunology and cell therapy and wins kinds of medical research awards and patents. More than 100 his science papers have been published. He received his master’s degree from Peking Union Medical College and Ph.D. Cellular & Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan. He then completed his postdoctoral training and internal medicine residency at the University of Pennsylvania, and his oncology fellowship at Johns Hopkins University. He joined the Duke University faculty in 2002.

Jiaoti Huang, Chief Medical Officer of Jing-Meng Stem Cell/ Director of Pathology Department of Medical School, Duke University. He graduated from Anhui Medical University and got his master’s degree in Military Medical Sciences. After that, he moved on to Medical School, New York University as a CUSBER scholar reading for Ph.D. Cellular & Molecular Biology. He then completed his postdoctoral training at NYU and Yale University one after another. Later on, he took his residency and fellowship training at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. In 2008, He was invited to UCLA as PI of pathology research of clinical urogenital system and core leader of SPORE project for prostate cancer. He is now the pathology professor and director of Urology Department, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and research fellow of Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center and Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research. He focuses his main research on prostate cancer and requires a number of funding from federal government and a private foundation. More than 100 research papers, review articles, and book chapters have been published in famous journals as Cell, Science, PNAS and so on.

Xiao He, Chief Immunologist of Jing-Meng Stem Cell/ World-renowned Immunopathologist of Pathology Department, University of Utah. He completed his Ph.D. and post-doctorate in Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Pennsylvania and postdoctoral research fellow at Howard Hughes Medical Institute. His research interests mainly focus on differentiation, activation and functional study of T lymphocyte, His multiple research papers have been published in world-class journals as Nature, J. Immunity and so on.

Jun Ren, Director & Chief Tumor Immunologist of Beijing Shijitan Hospital--Jing-Meng Stem Cell United International Cancer Center/ Assistant to the President, Director of Cancer Center, Beijing Shijitan Hospital.CMU/ Director of Beijing Key Laboratory in Cancer Therapeutic Vaccine/ Director of Beijing International Technology and Science Cooperation base in tumor immunotherapy. He also joins the faculty of Medical School, Duke University. As the oncology academic leader of the first batch of high-level talents of Beijing health system, he obtains 30 over project funding like NSFC, Capital Feature Major Project, etc. He is conferred honorable awards as ‘Ten Outstanding Young Persons’and ‘Technology New Star’of the General Logistic Department, ‘Capital Labor Medal’ as well as ‘Good Doctor in Beijing’.

Jianyou Tan, PI of Pathology Research Group, Jing-Meng Stem Cell/ Academician of Jing-Meng Stem Cell Academician & Expert Workstation/ Director, Dermatologist and Digestive Pathologist of Diagnostic Center, New York New Path Diagnostics. He’s also the member of American Society of Dermatopathology, American Society of Clinical Pathologist, as well as American and Canadian Chapter of International Academy of Pathology. He got his master’s degree from Peking union medical college, Chinese Academy of medical sciences in 1989 and Ph.D. from Medical School, Wayne State University. He took his residency and chief residency training in Medical Center, NYU, and Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Later on, he worked on research and pathological diagnosis in Pathology Department of Medical School, Cornell University and other University Medical Schools, being director of dermatopathology service center and biological diagnostic center for a certain period. His research interests focus on tumor and molecular pathology of the digestive system, with 20 over papers published. He is conferred honorable awards by many institutions as American Academy of Micropathology. He also gets rich experience in management and development of Pathology Department.

Zhimin Xu, Academician of Jing-Meng Stem Cell Academician & Expert Workstation/ Chief Physician of Cardiology Department & Clinical Pharmacology Center, Fuwai Hospital/ PI of Key Laboratory of Cardiovascular Medicine Clinical Research, Ministry of Health. He received his M.D. from PUMC and Coronary Heart Disease Clinic at FUWAI Hospital. For years he devoted to clinical work in cardiology like coronary heart disease, hypertension, and hyperlipemia. He used to be chief physician and professor of Heart Center, Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital, deputy director of Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, Capital Medical University. Now he also takes on the positions of member of National Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Control Committee, The Ministry of Health, member of Clinical Pharmacology Professional Committee, China Pharmacology Association, and standing director of Beijing High Blood Pressure Prevention Association, etc. He has published 246 over clinical medical paper and 150 over papers of popular science. He also is the editor-in-chief or editor of 9 monographs.