Protein Expression & Production

Western Blotting meets the needs of researchers and scholars in the field of biomedicine for Western Blotting, allowing you to have more time and energy to conduct scientific research. The company provides you with a full range of Western Blotting technical services. 
Service content 
      The protein in the tissue sample provided by the customer is extracted and subjected to SDS-PAGE electrophoresis. The protein is transferred to a nitrocellulose membrane or a PVDF membrane. The membrane is treated with the specific antibody of the target protein and the secondary antibody is reacted. The coloring is performed to determine if there are a target protein and its molecular weight. 
Customers need to provide information 
      you need to provide fresh sample materials or protein samples (required for complete, high purity, no pollution) 
      You also need to provide detailed background information about the target protein ID. 
Service commitments 
      Simply provide fresh tissue or cell samples We will complete protein extraction, concentration determination, and provide exposure X film or scanner scan images and their complete experimental report according to your requirements. The experimental report includes detailed experimental methods and relevant data of the results of immunoblot experiments.