Key Molecular Biology Service

We aim to serve the registered enterprises in China’s demonstration zone for the demonstration area enterprises

Following services:

·         Providing technical services such as analysis, testing, and certification for demonstration area enterprises;

·         Establishing enterprise laboratories and technology centers with enterprises in the demonstration area and jointly undertaking the construction of science and technology infrastructure such as Beijing Municipal Engineering   Research Center and key laboratories;

·         To create intellectual property rights for enterprises in the demonstration area, create advanced standard services, and participate in the establishment of industry alliances with enterprises as the mainstay;

·         National major industrialization projects shared by enterprises in the demonstration zone;

·         To help enterprises in the demonstration zone to solve the R & D and technical problems;

·         Transform the technological achievements into enterprises in the demonstration area and help promote and industrialize them.


Key Molecular Biology Service


·         DNA and RNA Isolation

·         Customized Product Preparations

·         Identity Testing

·         Species Identity Testing

·         Gender Analysis

·         Verification of Family Pedigrees 

·         Mycoplasma Screening

·         Bloodborne Pathogen Screening

·         Cell Line Integrity