Gene Expression Analysis

We offer high quality gene expression analysis services to support studies on gene expression, RNA (transcriptome) profiling, biomarker identification and validation, and biologics safety testing. We meet our customer’s requirements in gene expression accuracy and thoroughput using pre-designed, custom designed, and validated real-time qPCR assays in various formats, as well as the RNA-Seq method using the next generation sequencing platform.



Gene expression by qPCR

We specialize in custom assay design and validation. ABI predesigned gene expression assays for human and mouse samples are available. Relative quantitation with both the ddCt method and the Pfaffle’s method is offered.

RNA-Seq for Transcriptome Study

RNA-Seq using state-of-the-art Illumina next generation sequencing chemistry. Differential expression level analysis and RNA (transcriptome) profiling are available.

Transcript Analysis by Northern Blot

The Northern Blot service is offered to detect the presence of an expressed transcript containing a sequence of interest in a cell line sample. The size of the transcript is estimated and the presence of partial transcripts is reported.