Founded in 2010, Cellular & Molecular Diagnostics Beijing Jing-Meng Stem Cell Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Diagnostics") is the first profitable cell and molecular clinical laboratory approved by Beijing Health Administration. It is located Xi’erqi, known as China's Silicon Valley, and has independent legal personality. Since its establishment, Diagnostics has been committed to the application of international modern high-tech diagnostic technology, technology and product research and development, special diagnostic technology, entrusted services and other high technologies. Its products and service orientation, which are different from those of general inspection institutions, have enabled it to grow at a high speed for nearly a decade.

With first-class technology, advanced talents and excellent facilities, Diagnostics is very honored to become the base or laboratory for a number of top domestic scientific research institutions: stem cell diagnostic demonstration base of Asian Industry Innovation Alliance, cell therapy and related product inspection laboratory of Z-park Opening Laboratory, clinical diagnostic center of Translational Medicine Center, Beijing Life Sciences Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, core technology platform of Academician & Experts Workstation, Jing-Meng. Diagnostics strictly follows the "regulations on the administration of medical institutions", "clinical laboratory management method of medical institution", accepts the approval guide of CNAS. Its quality system is in accordance with the national medicine reference laboratory management norms prescribed by the national laboratory accreditation standards ISO15195, at the same time, guided by the ISO15189 accreditation as its core principle.

While becoming an industry leader, the Diagnostics is doing its best to make progress with its industry partners. It has participated in many authoritative associations -- the executive director unit of China Research Hospital Association, the vice President unit of Z-park Private Entrepreneurs Association, the director unit of China Cell Biology Society, and the vice chairman unit of Beijing Medical Cell Biology Society. At the same time, it has cooperated closely with famous domestic medical institutions, including Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Beijing Renmin University Hospital, Beijing ShiJitan Hospital, Tongliao Hospital, etc. In the process of cooperation with societies and associations and medical institutions, Diagnostics focuses on exploring diagnostic industry admittance policy of new technology and new standard, carrying out the technical consistent evaluation across regions, promoting cross-regional interactive health inspection platform operation and policy coordination, practicing its great mission of "with cutting-edge life science and technology strength to build people’s health".

The accuracy of data is the lifeline of clinical examination and also the highest pursuit of clinical examination, not only because the data of clinical examination is an important basis for disease diagnosis, but also because the accuracy of data is closely related to patients' lives. Respect and caring for each life strives us to pursuit each data’s perfection, apply the internationally recognized medical laboratory accreditation standards ISO15189 to the whole working process, and adhere to the principle of "professional, safe and efficient" and the value of "loyalty, responsibility and challenge".

The Diagnostics, covering an area of 2000 square meters, has five high-equipment laboratories: immune biochemical laboratory, clinical gene amplification laboratory, flow cell analysis laboratory, microbiological laboratory and cell genetic laboratory. A number of excellent medical inspectors and senior researchers have formed a reasonably structured talent team (about 50% of those with master's degree or above), striving to provide more than 200 diagnostic projects for clinical use on this advanced detection and research platform, as well as a variety of scientific research monitoring for researchers. The most proud thing of Diagnostics is that it has a team of experts, led by academicians and international medical scientists, to guarantee the advanced, scientific and normative nature of the service project.

Cellular & Molecular Diagnostics is willing to make unremitting efforts to maintain the accuracy of testing medicine's soul -- data, and to provide reliable data to overcome various diseases.