Corporate Governance

Jing-Meng Stem Cells owned by the Academy (CAS) of expert’s workstations and cell medicine in the field of domestic and foreign well-known scientists and professional elite constitute the domestic top technology research and development production team. The existing staff holds about 30% of doctoral or higher education, master's degree or above about 50%, attracting about 20 returnees from the United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Japan and other countries.

Dr. Gao, Jin is Board Chairman and Founder of Jing-Meng stem cell. Dr. Gao got MD degree from Peking Union Medical College and worked in Peking University for the Post-Doctorate training. Dr. Gao was a Chief Scientist and set up Life Science Center as director in Biophysical Institute, Chinese Academy of Science. He was two terms Scientist in China Program Project-863 evaluation Commission. Dr. Gao had published many papers in Journal of Clinic Oncology, Cancer Research and Integrated Cancer Therapy so on.

Dr. Wen, Jian, CEO, graduated from Lanzhou University, Medical School and got EMBA from Tsinghua University Business Management School. Dr. Wen was President in Beijing PLA District General Hospital and PLA General Hospital, He managed more than 10, 000 healthcare professionals and be an Executive Director in Chinese Physician Association. Dr. Wen also is an Executive Director in China Research Hospital Society and Deputy Director in PLA Hospital Management Commission. Dr. Wen prepared protocol for the National Medical Technical Standard.

Mr. Zhang, Hong-Mao, Vice President, graduated from News Major in Peking University. He was Marketing Director in China Research Hospital Society and Director in innovative Chapter. He was Vice Director in Beijing Medical Institute and Vice Executive Officer in Xian 4th PLA Medical University. Mr. Zhang has experiences in University medical research project or institute research lab management.

Dr. Lin, Zhigong ”John”, Executive Vice President, Graduated from Fudan University, Medical School and M.Sc. in Peking Union Medical University and MBA from University of Houston. Dr. Lin had worked Louisiana State University and University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center as post-doctorate for 11 years. Dr. Lin had worked in CFDA for 6 years and CEO in Xiamen Sunwin Bropharm Company in 2012-2014. Dr. Lin published more than 10 papers and raised more than $100 million fund for the start-up biotech companies and technology transfer and commercialization.   

Dr. Yin, Dong, Vice General Manager in Healthcare Department. Dr. Yin got MD from Hunan Medical School. He was chief director in 301 Hospital International Healthcare Center. Dr. Yin had managed more than 10,000 Executive Officers Healthcare Membership and provides an excellent healthcare needs supports.

Mr. Liu, Shouhua, COO graduated from Inn Mongolia University and have worked in State Own Enterprise (SOE) for many years business management experiences.