About Jing-Meng Stem Cells

The company is committed to the basic theoretical research of human cell therapy, the research and development and industrialization of application technology, the provision of professional cell technology services and related medical and health care biological products, and the national high-tech enterprises that carry out research on the industrialization of stem cell technology, with clinical detection and technology Conversion center, pilot plant three major technology platforms. We are committed to the basic theory of human cell therapy research, application of technology research and development and industrialization; to provide professional cell technology services and related health care biological products; to carry out the industrialization of stem cell technology related to national high-tech enterprises; with clinical testing, technology Conversion Center, the pilot plant three technology platforms.

Inspection Services: Clinical Testing, Specialist Special Inspection, Health Special Inspection, Cell-based Product Testing

Consulting Services: Cell Culture, Health & Beauty

Health Bioproducts: Stem Cell Complex Factor, Stem Cell Regeneration Factor

Peripheral products: medium, separation solution

Jing-Meng Stem Cell Commitment

Understanding Science, Implement Innovation, Mutual Cooperation, and win-to-win challenge, Creating Health for the Best Achievements of Life Science and Technology and beneficiary for mankind.

Scientific Team

Owned by the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) expert’s workstation and cell medicine in the field of well-known domestic and foreign scientists and professional elite constitute the domestic top technology research and development production team. The existing staff holds about 30% of doctoral or higher education, master's degree or above about 50%, attracting about 20 returnees from the United States, Canada, Germany, Britain, Japan and other returnees.

Production Platform

Domestic advanced cell technology research and development platform, cell and molecular clinical laboratories and in accordance with GMP standards established cell pilot production workshop and the international advanced professional equipment.

Product Development

Companies specializing in a variety of types of cells in vitro isolation, culture, amplification, induction, differentiation, and identification of basic research. Supporting the development of a variety of cell culture required separation liquid, medium and other independent intellectual property rights of intellectual property products; developed and established a variety of diseases testing and monitoring projects; for the cooperation of scientific research units to carry out a variety of cell biology testing services for Cooperative research institutes provide a variety of cell custom training services.